Blackhouse The Grill on the Square

Today our clients at the Crypt were treated to a 3-course gourmet meal at lunchtime kindly provided and served by Blackhouse The Grill on the Square.

We sat down with Matthew Lee Cook to find out how this all came about:

It all started before Christmas when we were doing Christmas planning. We’d been looking at how much money we spend on Christmas crackers every Christmas; its thousands of pounds!

These crackers provide entertainment for an hour and then there is loads that go in the bin, loads of waste. So that started the conversation about finding the best way to spend that money – we looked at better ways to use those resources.

Everyone wants a Christmas hat, so we kept the hats and did away with the Christmas crackers and all that money that we would spend on crackers was spent on food for this meal today. We brought in a couple of our chefs and a couple of our waiters to prepare & serve the meal.

Are you looking to do this regularly? Monthly or yearly?

Well, it’s the first time we’ve done it, so we might learn a few things about the most efficient way to go about it, but it certainly feels like a better use of those resources than a very transient enjoyment of pulling a cracker then just filling up the bins with waste.

How did you come to choose St George’s Crypt in particular?

First of all, its very close to us, we are about 150m down the road and so I have no doubt we are both serving the same community and personally I know of the Crypt, I have family members that work in affiliated charities and we know by reputation the good work you do and the service you provide to people who really need it. When we started the discussion on where to go it was the only place that came to mind – we are Neighbors!


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