A Thank You Letter

This thank you letter from one family is a heartwarming example of the impact we make to those who come through our doors, their families and the wider community. 

“I am writing to you to offer my gratitude for the support that The Crypt has given to my son over the last fifteen months, and to express my admiration for the work done by your organisation.

In December of 2017 my son was an out and out alcoholic living in squalor in a basement flat. Surviving on strong lager, cheap cider and, occasionally, food.

Although only 41 he had been alcohol dependent for over twenty-five years. His addiction had cost him his marriage, his job, contact with his daughter, meaningful relationship with parents, family and wider community, his confidence, health, and self-respect. He had been the subject of several detox sessions and two, three-month, rehabilitation courses. Although these had a short-term effect they had not really been effective.

It was my opinion at that time that, despite the best efforts of his family and other agencies, his alcohol consumption would cause his death.

In late December 2017, after a five-day residential detox course, my son was accepted onto The Growing Rooms Programme and offered accommodation in a recovery house, both of which are overseen by St George’s Crypt.

He attended discussion sessions at The Growing Rooms and was introduced to The Twelve Steps. He was encouraged to attend Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings around Leeds.

Living at the recovery house was an integral part of his recovery as it gave him independence, but in a safe environment with other addicts, enabling mutual support.

Initially, he was encouraged to volunteer within the Crypt care center and subsequently at The Nurture Café in Armley Town Street. He later worked within the café part paid. At this time, he had been clean from alcohol for some months, had some money in his pocket and had regained a sense of purpose and self-confidence.

This enabled him to build bridges with his family and the wider community. He has regained his health, self-respect and long hidden cheerful disposition.

He has now finished his involvement with The Growing Rooms. He has been alcohol-free for over sixteen months. He will shortly have good quality, secure accommodation. Following on from his work in the café he felt he would like to pursue employment in catering and has secured employment in a restaurant near his accommodation.

There must be many at The Crypt who could rightly claim to have had a positive influence in his recovery, most of whom I probably have no knowledge.

I would be glad if you would convey my thanks to all for a job well done, particularly the Growing Rooms team who, I believe, have gone above and beyond their brief on my son’s behalf.”

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