“From Chaos to Citizenship” is a fundamental model that underpins our work. One element of the overall pathway towards citizenship is Growing Rooms. The abstinence-based drug and alcohol recovery programme supports clients through a structured day programme whilst focusing on their recovery. Throughout this time, we work with clients to identify skills, aspirations and training needs in preparation for employment and independence.

In the last few months, we have seen some positive outcomes for our clients who accessed our services, arriving with chaotic lives and leaving as independent and employed members of the community.

A big thank you to local businesses who have supported our vision and offered jobs to our guys. Stephen (pictured left) joined the Growing Rooms programme in December 2018 after another alcohol detox. We picked him up from the gate at detox and moved him straight into our recovery housing, working five days a week on his rehabilitation. Stephen went about the programme in an unassuming way; regular attendance in group sessions, voluntary work and 12-step meeting attendance. He stayed sober and managed to make the changes from his old way of thinking and behaviour. These changes meant Stephen was given a paid role working in one of our cafés. He really enjoyed catering and decided to pursue this as a career for his future employment. We supported him to find a role as a Kitchen Porter in a local restaurant close to where he will be living. Stephen is now ready for a new chapter of his life, free of alcoholism and no longer on benefits, once more making himself a productive member of society.

Ian McHale (pictured right) of Slip’s Xgates where Stephen works said:

‘I am a local businessman who wants to help with awareness of local issues around homelessness & addiction. I am a keen admirer of the Growing Rooms project and fully understand the issues that come with addiction. We want to give opportunities to people who are looking to change their lives who may get overlooked by society.’

At St George’s Crypt, we give people a chance and an opportunity, and we don’t judge them while they’re here’
All of the skills learnt here are transferable, and they help to set individuals up for future careers.


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