The Team from Eversheds Sutherland will help to raise money for St George’s Crypt and two other Leeds charities by spending a night sleeping under the stars at Emerald Headingley for the Leeds Big Sleep on 29 November.

These are their stories on what inspired them to participate

Catherine Lauris

Homelessness is a big problem throughout the world and the Big Sleep is a great way to raise awareness into life on the streets. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to raise money for St George’s Crypt to help those who need support in getting their lives back on track.

I wanted to participate in this event because it shows that we do actually care about helping those in need and that we’re willing to put ourselves in their shoes to experience life without the things that we take for granted like a warm bed and a roof over our heads. This will really give us an insight of how tough it is for those living on the streets, especially at this time of year when the weather worsens and the temperature drops, as opposed to just giving money to a charity and not really giving it a second thought of where it goes or how it helps.

I think St George’s Crypt is a great charity to raise money for and the fact that it’s a local charity here in Leeds makes it all the more real as we walk past homeless people every day but never actually stop to think about how hard it must be to be in their situation or how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads. I’m extremely proud to be part of the Eversheds team who are supporting this event.

Simone Reynolds

I chose to do the Leeds big Sleep as I strongly believe in the importance of providing people with equal access to employment, safety, housing, love, and support. They say that people are only a few months away from sleeping rough at any given time, and once the cycle has started it’s almost impossible to break out of.

Weathering the wind, rain, snow, and freezing cold in order to catch some hours of sleep every night is difficult enough. But when you couple that with a lack of income, meaningful relationships, and positive prospects for the future it’s understandable that people become severely dependent on drugs and alcohol.

This dependency often creates an unfair stigma around the ability or motivation of people to break the cycle of their living arrangements. I profoundly and passionately believe that, with a little bit of love, attention, and well-directed support, people living on the streets of Leeds have the ability to become functioning and successful members of society.

Having volunteered for a number of years at a homeless service, I have seen first-hand how people can turn their lives around and work to better their communities. I’ve seen people who have gone on to university and are now practicing psychologists after spending years living on the streets and dependent on alcohol.

I think we can make a change and I believe that when we can truly understand a person’s struggle we are able to be completely empathic to their needs.

Joe Kelly

I decided to take part in the Leeds Big Sleep out because the issue of homelessness in Leeds is impossible to ignore. Like most people, I am aware of the many issues vulnerable and homeless people face, such as sleeping rough, addiction and health problems. However, I think the Big Sleep Out is a good opportunity for people, myself included, to experience just some of the challenges homeless people face every day. I am hoping that by raising awareness alongside my colleagues at Eversheds-Sutherland, we can contribute to building a better understanding of the realities of homelessness in Leeds.

In addition, I am pleased to be fundraising for St George’s crypt, who are on the frontline of preventing homelessness and helping vulnerable people throughout Leeds. No one should have to sleep rough, particularly during winter, and I am hoping the money we raise can go towards providing adequate shelter for the city’s most vulnerable when they need it most.

Adam Abd El Wahed

I volunteered for the Big Sleep as, having always worked in Leeds, I’ve noticed the number of rough sleepers increase exponentially over recent years. I hate that this seems to have just become a ‘norm’ for Leeds and other areas of the UK more generally, yet I am regularly conflicted as to how I should react to each individual I encounter. This is what inspired me to take part in the sleep-out as I can at least help to raise funds and awareness for a trusted charity. It will not be a drop in the ocean compared to what people are going through on a daily basis, but I’m hoping that in doing this with a team and Eversheds Sutherlands’ backing will really help to make an impact on peoples’ lives.


Emerald Headingley Stadium Thursday 29 November 2018

In partnership with Leeds Rhinos Foundation and St Gemma’s Hospice, inviting business leaders and supporters to raise money for the three Leeds charities.

Business leaders have a sponsorship target of £1,000 and a limited number of supporters can enter for a fee of £100, with optional additional sponsorship.

To sign up visit:

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