Love God, love your neighbour. Those are the only two thing that matter.  People find all sorts of ways of obeying the first command.  The second, we try and live out every day in our life at the Crypt. 

Every morning staff meet for prayer in our beautiful chapel; it used to be the boiler-house, and we still think of it as the power-house for what we do, because we haven’t got the strength to do this amazing, fulfilling, heart-breaking work.  We pray for strength to persevere in Jesus’ name; we pray to be vulnerable enough to have compassion, in Jesus’ name.  We pray to do all this work in Jesus’ name; in being like him, trying to see his face in the face of everyone who comes through our doors, however frustrated, angry, outcast, needy in every way.

Jesus said I have come so that you can have life in all its fullness. Our morning prayers are a time of laughter and of tears; a sign of life being lived to the full.  Our work is about offering the fullness of life to our neighbours who come to us for help.  They come to the Crypt because their lives have broken down to the point where, as Jesus was, they are homeless; their relationships have broken down, they just can’t manage, they are crushed by life, desperately weary. Jesus says ‘Come to me.’  And they come to us.  And we welcome them in his name.



A modern thriving Christian community living and walking the Gospels hand in hand with the homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Leeds.

Our ministry and calling is woven into every aspect of our work from hospitality to counselling, from the street to a home.  We demonstrate the love and strength of Christ’s faith in people through our values and service delivery.

There is a rhythm of prayer throughout our working day with chapel service at 9.OOam for all staff and any residents who wish to attend and regular chapel services are held for all clients seeking answers.

We are blessed with having Revd. Roger Quick as part of our family.  Roger offers spiritual guidance and pastoral care to all those who come through our doors, and is commissioned by the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds as Chaplain for the Homeless.


st george's crypt leeds

Great George Street
Leeds, LS1 3BR

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