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St George’s Crypt is a charity in the City of Leeds, working with the homeless, the vulnerable and those suffering from addiction. We believe that by demonstrating the love of Christ in a caring, practical way, lives can be transformed, regardless of people’s circumstances.

@OneGlobalUK support began as a result of the Managing Director’s son, Alfie, wanting to help the homeless. After a visit to Manchester, Alfie wouldn’t finish the food on his plate and wanted to donate the leftovers to someone homeless. Rather than donate the leftovers, some bought sandwiches were given to some of those struggling on the streets.

‘Put a Sock in it’ was created to continue raising much-needed funds, clothing, and other useful items for the homeless and vulnerable and now feeds into St George’s Crypt as an fundraising partner.

Alfie commented: “It makes me feel really good when I can do something to help people. There are people living on the street and it isn’t fair, everyone can help a little bit”.
Paul, MD at One Global says: “After helping my son to create ‘Put a Sock in it’ the interest and donations we received was overwhelming. As a result, we needed to feed into a registered charity and St George’s Crypt was a perfect fit. The work they do is amazing; we were incredibly impressed with the facilities and the dedication of the team. Everyone at One Global is looking forward to supporting The Crypt in 2019 and we have lots of plans for fundraising activities as well as continuing to donate through Put a Sock in it”.

If you or your business wants to get involved with us then please e-mail Cheryl.harrington@stgeorgescrypt.org.uk and let us know!

Christmas Washing Machine Appeal


Thank-you to the city for coming together behind our Christmas shout-out for a washing machine. We need to get through a mountain of laundry every day and, as we work with more and more vulnerable people, we are seeing a rise in the need for deep cleaning. We asked for an industrial machine to handle the volume and deliver a thorough wash.

A big thank-you to The Freemasons of Yorkshire, West Riding who made a substantial contribution towards our brand new washer.

Kim, our Training and Engagement/Housekeeping mentor had this to say:

‘I can’t tell you how much of a difference our new Electrolux washer will make to daily life at the Crypt.

We are caring for so many people with complex needs now and the kind donation means that we can be confident that we are dealing with laundry to hospital standards.

This is vital because we need to ensure that we minimise the risk of infection – the ability to use a sluice & disinfect cycle means that we will no longer have to dispose of all soiled bedding as we can ensure blood borne viruses are eliminated safely.

The machine can cope with any type of washing powder, which is great as we rely heavily on donations – there is scope for us to bleach items if necessary as well as use fabric conditioner and as a result our laundry will not only be super clean but sweet smelling too!

The extra capacity we now have means that we can put the equivalent of nearly 3 previous loads into our new washer.

Hospitality is so important to us and being able to deliver to a high standard makes all the difference to anyone who comes through our doors.

Tonight we will be providing beds for up to 50 of or most vulnerable people. The laundry that this generates can at times seem overwhelming. Having an effective means of dealing with it all has made us all very happy!’

A massive Thank you to everyone involved!

Blackhouse serves lunch at the Crypt


Today our clients at the Crypt were treated to a 3-course gourmet meal at lunchtime kindly provided and served by Blackhouse The Grill on the Square.

We sat down with Matthew Lee Cook to find out how this all came about:

It all started before Christmas when we were doing Christmas planning. We’d been looking at how much money we spend on Christmas crackers every Christmas; its thousands of pounds!

These crackers provide entertainment for an hour and then there is loads that go in the bin, loads of waste. So that started the conversation about finding the best way to spend that money – we looked at better ways to use those resources.

Everyone wants a Christmas hat, so we kept the hats and did away with the Christmas crackers and all that money that we would spend on crackers was spent on food for this meal today. We brought in a couple of our chefs and a couple of our waiters to prepare & serve the meal.

Are you looking to do this regularly? Monthly or yearly?

Well, it’s the first time we’ve done it, so we might learn a few things about the most efficient way to go about it, but it certainly feels like a better use of those resources than a very transient enjoyment of pulling a cracker then just filling up the bins with waste.

How did you come to choose St George’s Crypt in particular?

First of all, its very close to us, we are about 150m down the road and so I have no doubt we are both serving the same community and personally I know of the Crypt, I have family members that work in affiliated charities and we know by reputation the good work you do and the service you provide to people who really need it. When we started the discussion on where to go it was the only place that came to mind – we are Neighbors!

Symington’s Official Local Charity Partner


Symington’s has chosen St George’s as their official charity partner.

Mike Benton, Head of Snacking Business Unit at Symington’s tells us why:

“Symington’s is a business that is Leeds through and through. We are headquartered just outside Leeds city centre and have employed hundreds of people who live in the LS1 postcode since 1857. As a company with such strong ties to the city, it is only fitting that we choose an organisation, which provides support to the people of Leeds as our official charity partner. That is why we have chosen St George’s Crypt. The work undertaken by the team at St George’s Crypt 365 days a year is truly admirable, and provides a vital resource to groups and individuals who often believe they have nowhere else to turn. They work tirelessly to empower vulnerable members of our community in countless different ways, and we are delighted to offer them support as our official charity partner to help them reach their goals”

Leeds Chamber nominates St George’s Crypt


Leeds Chamber of Commerce has opted to support St George’s Crypt over the next few months.

Paula Dillon of international law firm Womble Bond Dickinson, the current president of Leeds Chamber, when discussing her decision for selecting St George’s Crypt says:

“I’ve been closely involved with the charity for several years and so it was an easy decision for me as it’s a cause close to my heart.  They really do a fantastic job and so I’m pleased that we can help out in this way.”

Francis McAllister, Director of Income Generation & Marketing added:

“I’m delighted that Leeds Chamber has chosen St George’s Crypt as its charity. Being Charity of the Year will provide an amazing opportunity to make more people and businesses aware of what we do and how by working together in partnership we can make Leeds a better place to live”.

A different charity is chosen by the business support organisation each year, with the main fund-raising event being the annual dinner in late January.  The Leeds Chamber’s annual dinner takes place on 31 January at the Queen’s Hotel.

St George’s Crypt, established in 1930 offers year-round support to the homeless, vulnerable and those suffering addiction.  We offer immediate practical support in terms of food, cleanliness and clothing.

CDS Charity of the Year


We’re very proud to say that we have been chosen by CDS to be their Charity of the Year. CDS is an award winning print and digital agency and we are very happy that they have decided to support us.

They have a wealth of digital experience and expertise that we are hoping to benefit from, especially as we work towards a more digitally inclusive Crypt. The world is changing – universal credit is online, accessing hospital appointments, doctors and GP’s, getting in touch with Citizens’ Advice has all gone digital and we have to gear ourselves to support our clients and engage better with our supporters; this partnership will help us achieve our goals.

So a massive thank you from everyone at the Crypt and we look forward to working with them in the New Year! To see what they think please click here: https://bit.ly/2USEJKm

World Homeless Day street collection 2018



Thank you to all our lovely volunteers for their stalwart efforts at our World Homeless Day street collection on Friday 12th October. You soldiered on through rain, wind, soggy cardboard and wet feet and helped us make £1,398!  Bravo, your support is really appreciated.

The purpose of World Homeless Day is to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness.

We actively look to work with community groups and individuals who want to raise money for us.

Get in touch with our fundraising team if you want to have a chat about any ideas you might have for raising funds – admin@stgeorgescrypt.org.uk we’re always happy to hear from our supporters. https://bit.ly/2IaNzwO



On Friday 14 September distinguished members from the Leeds community gathered to witness St George’s Crypt laying the foundation stone of its Regent Lodge construction project. This was the official start of a new era for The Crypt and the build scheme is due for completion in Summer 2019.

Regent Terrace has in the past 40 years supported people with alcohol dependency issues. The new Regent Lodge project is fundamentally different from the old site in that instead of single rooms, it will consist of 15 self-contained flats fully supported to help clients get their lives back together, move on and take an active role in their futures.

In his speech, The Rt Hon Hilary Ben MP who laid the foundation stone said:

“The Crypt is known right across the city for the support it has given to those on whom luck and life have not always looked kindly upon since the 1930s when Revd. Don Robins came and turned the Crypt from where the dead lay into a space for the living”.

 He added: “In the years ahead people will come here; they will move on in their lives and they will owe a great deal of gratitude to all of you here today who have made this project possible.”

Regent Lodge is part of St George’s Crypt’s ‘From Bench To Independence’ pathway. Service users will be supported to move on from alcohol dependency while training and engagement will help them gain valuable life skills and build self-esteem.

The aim is to meet the needs of everyone in a safe, non-judgmental and caring environment, a place in which people can choose to change.

The project has been identified by LEEDS LIST as one of 10 game-changing developments under construction in Leeds right now.

In her welcome speech Tracey Greig – Crypt Trustee, emphasised the holistic support offered when stating that:

“Often people say St George’s Crypt is a soup kitchen or a bed for the night, but I think, in this new project, we provide more than just a bed. We provide sustainability and hope”.

The innovative project is very much partnership driven, commissioned by Leeds City Council who have leveraged £1.5 million of public funds as Right to Buy Replacement and an additional £2 million as a low-cost loan to support the scheme. Alongside this local corporate and individual connections are donating private capital. This is augmented by the generosity of a number of trusts and foundations that are also backing the schemes.



Today saw the official opening of our newest Preloved shop at 57 Street lane Leeds.

The Shop was officially opened by Fabian Hamilton, MP for Leeds North East, a great supporter of St Georges Crypt.

Speaking at the ribbon cutting ceremony Mr Hamilton said:

“You will always have my strong support and the support of my department and colleagues and all political parties for the brilliant work you do, and I’d like to thank  from the bottom of my heart all the volunteers who work so hard for such a brilliant cause to make sure the most vulnerable in our society get a decent chance to live their lives”

Our Roundhay shop is run by a dedicated team of volunteers from all walks of life – some are lifelong St George’s Crypt supporters, others have joined as a result of coming into contact with St George’s Crypt and want to further their skills or they just want to make a positive contribution to their local community. Without this team of volunteers the shop wouldn’t be what it is today.

If you have an item of furniture you would like to donate please get in touch as we offer a free collection service, while we don’t have the space in Roundhay to store furniture we can arrange for collection from your home and transport it to one of our furniture shops.
For further information on donations click : https://stgeorgescrypt.org.uk/?page_id=2301

Yorkshire Day at Lotherton Hall

Our art group had a brilliant time at the Yorkshire Day Parade at Lotherton Hall – they showed off the banner they had created. Working with East Street Arts on their latest project has been very rewarding. Words relating to how they viewed the Crypt and homelessness helped create a poignant image of recovery.

They joined in with the rest of the parade, we had a presence in the festival with a stall and NG provided a couple of volunteers who participated in the cake baking competition.

This isn’t only about a good day out; our guys are some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in Leeds and through participation, engagement and creation of the artwork we can support them to reduce their isolation, build self confidence and re-engage with the community.

Remembering Regent Terrace

The former site of our addiction recovery house. In the early days of Regent Terrace, it was known as Faith Lodge. It was a general needs facility, housing people from all walks of life who had fallen on hard times. As such, it provided an essential ‘complementary’ service to the Crypt’s on-going work, and afforded the charity some much-needed extra space.Regent House

In the 1980’s, the building became a ‘wet’ facility, providing an environment where people could continue drinking alcohol as the first stage of their recovery. This service remains in place today, with our temporary facility (located elsewhere in Leeds) helping residents to gradually reduce their drinking from stronger spirits to lower-percentage beverages.

Some people have stayed at Regent Terrace for long periods of time. One individual lived at the house for 15 years, after having been made redundant from his job at the Prince of Wales Colliery. Escalating circumstances led to a problem with alcohol dependency, and the gentleman arrived at Regent Terrace in an effort to recover from his addiction. He went on to live a life free from alcohol.

As for the old Regent Terrace building, the demolition process has already begun, but parts of the previous structure will remain. Its gate posts are listed, and the portico entrance (pictured above) has been taken away and preserved. It is hoped that it will be incorporated into the grounds of the new building when it opens, which will hopefully be at some point in 2019.

Josh Warrington Supports the Crypt

Good luck to Leeds boxer Josh Warrington! Josh is fighting rival Lee Selby for the featherweight title tonight at Elland Road. He’s been a keen supporter of the Crypt for many years, and was even kind enough to sign a pair of gloves during one of his visits.

New Preloved Shop Opening

Roundhey Preloved Shop

We are excited to say that we are on the cusp of securing a lease on a new shop in Roundhay. Offering opportunities for client volunteers to develop retail skills, volunteer and pick up useful work experience and possibly lead to an employment role this ‘social enterprise’ will stock the latest fashions, books, videos and aim to become a vibrant hub for the local community.

Following on from our successful ventures on the Armley and Pudsey highstreets, this new shop will augment our retail presence in the city and act as a springboard to greater things. If you want to volunteer, or have items to donate, please get in touch.

Dentist Service at St George’s Crypt

We’re excited to announce that the mobile dentist unit run by Dentaid will be returning to St George’s Crypt, thanks to a grant from the Swire Charitable Trust. This follows up a double session that was offered over Christmas that saw 17 clients over the course of two evenings, all of whom had severe dental needs and hadn’t gone to the dentist for years.

dentaid for st georges crypt

The reasons why our clients don’t attend health and wellbeing are many and varied but the main one is fear; fear of not belonging, fear of being stared at, called names, whispered about, isolated. We offer a sanctuary of trust, our guys feel safe and we have good professional relationships that mean that when we offer them a positive service they more often than not take it up. There are no appointments, they can have a cup of tea, they can have a chat about what the procedure will entail; a full service!

The sessions will be available for clients on the 11th and 12th June.

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